The Cart Cover You’ve All Been Waiting For : A Summer Product Review + GIVEAWAY!

Tired of ordinary cart covers not getting the job done?

I have finally found the perfect one! After trying the Summer Infant 2-in-1 Cart Cover I will never use anything else.Besides the adorable prints that it is offered in, its functionality is flawless. The best part is that my baby girl loved it from the first time we used it.


Summer 2-in-1 Cart Cover (stock photo)

Seriously you guys, this thing is a lifesaver! I am the mom of a very curious, 17lb, five month old, and until recently shopping trips have only been possible by baby wearing or enlisting help to push a stroller. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a pretty tiny person. So walking around with a chunky baby hanging off of me only results in back pain, especially with a baby as curious as my daughter. Around 3 ½ months of age Natalie made it very clear that riding through Walmart in a stroller wasn’t her thing.

Needless to say, I have anxiously waited for the day that she can sit in the cart while I shop.

A few weeks back, I made a trip and decided that I would let her sit in the cart like a big girl. I placed a fluffy traditional cover on the cart and strapped her in. Unfortunately it didn’t work like I thought it would, and I spent half of the shopping trip using the blankets and extra clothes out of her diaper bag to try and prop her up straight in the middle. No matter how hard I tried, I wasn’t successful. It was not very comfortable for her and as a result I ended up carrying her on my hip for the remainder of the trip. I thought my arm was going to fall off!

The next trip I used my new Summer cart cover and not only did she love it, but she was the most stylish baby in Walmart. The turquoise color is so bright and pleasing to the eye, and it makes her blue eyes pop! My little girl was able to sit up (without ten blankets stuffed next to her) and people watch, while playing with her teething toys. Not only does this fantastic cover protect her from the millions of germs on the public shopping carts, but the pillow insert allows her to sit UN-assisted while playing with her toys. There are little places to clip toys on and even a vinyl pocket for a smart phone. Unfortunately my iPhone 6s Plus is too large for the insert, but an iPhone 6 or smaller would definitely fit!

I love how it is oversized, that way it fits on different sized carts, and it has enough fabric hanging over to shield her toys from the nasty carts when she throws them overboard. There is also a sleeve on the back of the cover that slips over the cart, holding it in place, and there are safety straps to secure your little one as well.

Not only is the Summer cover great for shopping carts, but it is perfect for high chairs at restaurants as well.

It has been a while since my baby has been fond of sitting in her car seat while we eat. She prefers to be able to see the action happening around her and she is starting to reach for items on the table. In an effort to keep her from disturbing the people around us with her protesting, we end up putting her in our laps. If you’ve resorted to that you will agree that it makes it quite difficult to eat, but us mommas do what we have to do! One day we decided to try a high chair but she was too small for it and as soon as she leaned over and put her mouth on it I decided that even though I had wiped it down, I wasn’t ready for her to be exposed to the germs.

My husband and me enjoy going out to eat frequently and passing a baby around the table gets old. Something had to give. We tried the Summer cover and it fits perfectly over the highchair. Once again, the pillow offers great support for her and helps her sit up straight. So far she has been a fan of it, and I might I add that she looks like royalty sitting in her fancy chair. The fabric of the cover is also easy to wipe down for babies that are eating messy foods, tend to spit up, or even just drool.

Since using the Summer 2-in-1 cover I have gotten so many inquiries and comments on it. Here are just a few of the Q & A’s for you:

  • Oh I love that, where did you get it?
    • My favorite store… AMAZON!!! (and if you have PRIME you get free 2 day shipping as well)
  • How much did it cost?
    • A little under $30, and yes, it is well worth it!
  • That print is so cute, does it come in any other prints?
    • Yes, the print I have is called “Diamonds” but it also comes in “Clover” (a brown and yellow print) and “Dots and Diamonds” (a blue and brown print).
  • Is it easy to wash?
    • YES! The material is easy to wipe off and it is machine washable.
  • What age can you start using it?
    • I didn’t start using it until 5 months, and it is labeled for 6+ months, but as long as your little one can sit up supported I would think it would be ok. There is a seat belt and the pillow is a great support. And when your child is bigger, you can use it without the insert.
  • Does it fold up, and is it easy to get on?
    • Yes it folds up. I usually just roll it up and clasp the seat belt around it. As far as getting it on… it is super easy to put on the shopping cart, I can do it while holding my little girl. I have found it is a little harder for me to put it on the highchair while using the pillow insert, but after fidgeting for a minute I can position it correctly.

==> For more frequently asked questions visit Amazon and scroll down to their Q & A!

I definitely recommend* that you check this cover out and purchase one for your little ones. Follow THIS link and get yours now!

+++++ GIVEAWAY +++++

Follow these simple steps to enter for a chance to win 


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  2.  Comment on the Summer cover giveaway post with the age of your youngest baby.
You must do both in order to be eligible to win. If you already follow me on Facebook, then just leave a comment.

The winner will be drawn and notified Saturday January 21, 2016. 


*This review is not sponsored by Amazon or Summer and all of my comments are my honest opinion of my personal experience with this product.

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