Changing Pads & Teething Rings: A Chi Fashionista Product Review

As new moms, most of us feel this desperate need to be 100% prepared for the birth of our baby. That means: nursery done, car seat installed, clothes washed, toys cleaned and much more. If you’re anything like me, you stalked Etsy shops, dreaming of all the “cute” items you wanted for your baby. With so many options out there it is hard to choose the shop that you want to purchase from. How do you know if it is good quality, or if the service is going to be good? The last thing you want is to waste your money and receive a bad experience.

Let me narrow the search down for you. I’ve seen a lot of Etsy shops, and I am really impressed with Amanda Saulter’s shop, Chi Fashionista. It is a small company owned and operated by Amanda, a creative mother of two. Needing to make some income while staying at home with her children, she decided to use her talents and make affordable baby and toddler accessories.

As I scrolled through her shop, I found myself loving every piece I saw. After talking to Amanda, I my love for her business grew even more. Instead of making the same thing over and over, she makes it a point to create inventory that is new to the customer. During our conversation she wanted to know all about my little girl and things she had, liked and even what our colors and theme was. She wanted to make sure that what she made for us was unique and tailored to my sweet baby.

That sold it for me! I anxiously waited for my special items to arrive. Once shipped, Amanda made sure to notify me and even provided a tracking number as well. I loved being able to go online and see where my package was. Once it was delivered I couldn’t wait to open it.
I opened up the package and wrapped in baby blue tissue paper was a hand crafted diaper clutch and sensory teething ring. I loved the fabric that she chose. It was covered in cute little owls! For those of you who don’t know… my daughters room is decorated in owls and I might be a little bit obsessed with them. Okay okay… a lot obsessed.

The diaper clutch is very convenient, as it rolls out into a changing pad for those days that you don’t want to drag the whole diaper bag to the restroom. The changing pad is a great size, offering enough space for my 5 month old to stretch out and the storage pocket fits up to six size 2 diapers and a full pack of wipes. Lined with a minky fabric, it is also very soft for my little one to lie on during a changing while protecting her from other baby’s germs. No more need to take the entire diaper bag with you! It is also machine washable which makes it easy to clean.

The sensory teething ring was definitely a hit. My daughter absolutely loves it. She grabs onto the wooden ring and doesn’t let go. The ring is perfect for her sore gums, not too hard, but not too soft either. The bunny ears are made with the same fabric as the clutch, but with an added element. It makes noise! In between the layers of fabric is a food safe plastic that makes a soft crinkling sound with each squeeze. It is machine washable as well and safe for your little one to gnaw on. It is recommended that you wash the wooden ring after use, and the fabric as needed. It is easy to tie back onto the ring, which is nice because my little stinker is good at un-tying it. I would classify the teething ring as a must have for your little ones that need something safe to chew on.

All in all I was very pleased with the two items that I received from Amanda at Chi Fashionista and I would definitely recommend that you choose her to do business with. She offers many other great products as well including: tag blankets, pacifier clips, bandana bibs, full body bibs, arm savers, burp cloths and more. Visit her on Facebook or in her Etsy shop today and remember she will customize and personalize any order!

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