Meet Katherine

Hi there! I’m Katherine.

I have embraced the title “Stay-At-Home-Mom” since August 2016 and I am grateful that I am able to pour into my children each and every day. A few of my favorite things include reading, writing, shopping on Amazon, and binging on Netflix. I am also passionate about all things birth & motherhood related and I am a professional birth & newborn photographer.

When I became a mom, my life changed forever. Life is full of joyful moments that we all wish to hold on to, and complications that we can’t wait to get past. Motherhood is no different. It has definitely had its ups and its downs. My lifelong dream has always been to be a mom to several really cute kids and it is so wonderful to wake up each day and live this dream… but if I am honest, it doesn’t always feel like I thought it would. It has taken me years to finally realize that I am not supermom, I can’t do it all by myself and I don’t actually WANT to do it by myself. My hope in this blog is to be open and vulnerable with you and hopefully help you process your transition into motherhood.

I am always so grateful for my husband Bradley. He is the calm to my storm. He lets me dream, but then eases me back down to reality. He is my constant support and without him I wouldn’t be able to have the full time job of raising our children. He is so hardworking and sacrifices each day to provide for our little family. Our journey as parents is still unfolding, and we are along for the ride wherever it takes us.

Our goal is to be the best parents that we can be, and we would love to welcome you into our lives by sharing our joys, hurts, successes and complications. I hope you enjoy reading about our little family.



Meet our Kiddos:

Natalie Grace

This big girl is almost 4 years old already! She is so bright and intelligent and doesn’t miss a beat. She gave me the title MOMMY & I am forever grateful. She will be going to Pre-K 4 in the Fall & she is crazy excited about it. Some of my favorite traits of Natalie is her servants heart, her thoughtfulness and her gift of encouragement. It is amazing to watch her grow more and more every day.


William James

This dude is almost 2 years old and I can’t believe it! He is about to step into the role of Big Brother and I think he will adjust well. He stole my heart from the moment he was born and makes me smile every single day. He loves his family so much and is as goofy as can be. I can already recognize that he is going to be such a great helper once baby #3 is here. My favorite thing about William is how he lights up a room with his smile and laugh. It’s almost impossible to have a bad day with him around.


Coming Soon: Baby # 3!!

Our newest baby boy is expected to arrive sometime around the end of June. We are super excited to be adding another kiddo to our crew and we can’t wait to meet him face to face and share more in the days to come.