Natalie is 5 Months! 

It’s that time of the month where we celebrate a monthly birthday for our little bundle of joy. I figured what better way to share it than with all of y’all. 

You guys, this past week my baby girl has learned so much! Today she is 5 months old and I can’t believe it! She is getting so big!

 Here is a short impromptu post so you can get to know our little sunshine: 
* She loves to watch the puppies during their playtime. We get to witness at least 5-10 minutes of belly laughing. Sometimes the dogs just have to walk by and she breaks out in laughter. 

* Standing up is her absolute favorite! Assisted of course. Whether it’s on the floor, in her exersaucer, in our laps or in her walker… she loves it. Her legs are so strong and if you hold her hands she will stand tall. 

* She now reaches towards whatever she wants. 

* She has absolutely no interest in rolling over, however she is almost sitting up unassisted. Literally, she is content however you lay her down. Eventually it will come, because her curiosity is growing. 

*She loves petting the puppies! 

* In the past week her interest in what mommy and daddy are eating and drinking has grown so much. She even thinks she big stuff and can drink mommy’s coffee! 

* Her exersaucer is one of her favorite toys, but she now thinks it’s more fun to play with from the outside rather than the inside like it’s made for. (Yup, mommy gets the honor of holding her up next to it…) time to get an activity table I guess. 

* She has decided she isn’t fond of sleeping through the night anymore… she just misses mommy way too much! 

* Talking to her daddy is something she is really good at! They have conversations daily about how their days went. 

* She absolutely loves TV, mickeymouse is still a fave (even though mommy is growing tired of it) and football is another fave… GO PACKERS! 

* During tummy time she has started to scoot around in circles 

*She is loves her empty big girl sippy cup! 

* And last but not least she is teething like crazy. Everything goes in her mouth. 

We are so proud of how our little baby is growing up so fast! This is a very fun stage of life. Thanks for following me and tuning into our daily lives 🙂 



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