Impromptu Bath Rant 

Ever have those weeks where you wonder “maybe I’m just meant to stink?” If you’re a mom, most likely you know exactly where I’m going with this, if you’re not yet a mom… keep reading because one day you will be. 

I hate showers… I LOVE baths. As if two days isn’t enough, try three days without a FULL bath. I’m starting to think that Sunday’s are for washing hair, Mondays are for shaving legs, Tuesdays are for shaving armpits, Wednesdays you wash your hair again, Thursdays you get a body scrub (not just a baby wipe bath or a body soak), Fridays you just stink and Saturdays if you’re lucky, your husband can watch the baby so you can take a speedy but full length bath. 

It never fails, my bathing ritual always gets interrupted. I can rush to the tub as soon as Natalie goes down, but that pretty much guarantees that she will only sleep a few minutes (or whenever my hair is full of suds). I can even wait until she is in a “deep sleep” (ha is there such thing for a baby?) and wash my hair first and then is as soon as the conditioner is rinsed the cry begins, so I fall back on the baby wipes once again. 

Either way, I run across the house in nothing but a towel with wet hair dropping down my back at least 2-3 times a week. I’m realizing that showers are more realistic, they take 3-4 minutes and can be done while baby is entertained by Mickey Mouse (thank you Disney channel)! And body spray is a saving grace. 

Sometimes in parenthood we have to be realistic and put some of our WANTS aside. 

What are somethings that you sacrifice for your little ones? 

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