You Need the Magic Pillow: Posh n’ Plush 

The Posh n’ Plush Nursing Pillow helped keep me from saying “I QUIT” to breastfeeding.

A little back-story so you can fully appreciate the help I found with the Posh n’ Plush pillow:

From day one, my sweet girl and I had a hard time with breastfeeding. I had a C-section, so finding a comfortable position (for both of us) to nurse her was tough. The consultant showed me many different holds and we had to bounce between several of them because everyday was different. We also struggled through her shallow latch as well as getting double mastitis twice. After countless conversations with lactation consultants, I was desperate to find relief. I wanted more than anything to be able to give my baby breast milk and my pump and me did not have a great relationship. (To all of you exclusive pumpers out there… you’re awesome! I don’t know how you do it!) I also wanted answers as to why it was so difficult for us. And as we all know, hormones on top of stress make for really long days and nights. Many moms swore that it would get better by the 7th week. I remember thinking at week 4 that there was no way I was going to make it. She nursed on demand about 8 times a day at that point and I still had 3 weeks to go… That was over 150 nursing sessions… Something had to give. Week 6 came around and I decided that I was going to make two appointments: one with the lactation consultant and one with an ENT to check for ties, and if it didn’t get better I was quitting. At the lactation appointment the lady sat me down, placed a big fluffy nursing pillow on me and of course she nursed perfect for the consultant, and we found out that she didn’t have a tie severe enough to be causing our issues. It seemed to just be positional. She always did well at the office but not at home. The only thing that was different was the pillow.

I told my husband, I HAVE to have one of those Posh n’ Plush pillows like at the clinic.

So we drove to Pink & Blue Avenue in Lake Charles and I saw them sitting on the top shelf. I selected tan as my color (you could choose from tan, green, blue and pink in the store) and I was so excited. Maybe this will work I thought.

Well, when I found out the price I gave it a second thought. Turns out it was a $70 nursing pillow…. $70! That seemed like so much money for a pillow. I called my husband, told him the price and asked for his opinion on whether or not I should purchase it. As cool as it was, I figured I could just stack some pillows on top of each other and it could serve the same purpose. It hadn’t worked in the past, but I am a pretty stubborn person. But my husband encouraged me to get it and give it a try. I was willing to try anything at this point, so I handed over my card to the clerk and made the purchase.

Never for a second have I regretted making that purchase.

It was the best $70 I have spent since she was born. As soon as I got home I was dying to try it out and you guys… I swear it was magic. It was so different from stacking pillows because it had just the right amount of fluffiness, and wasn’t too firm. From that day on, I never had another painful nursing session as long as I was using the Posh n’ Plush pillow. It allowed Natalie to lie comfortably in my arms, while protecting my incision. I discovered that the more comfortable she was, the more she relaxed, and the better she latched. Unlike other traditional nursing pillows, it formed to her body while still adding support. A couple of problems I ran into with traditional nursing pillows were that they were firm and made to fit snug to your body. This made it tough to get it positioned correctly, especially if you have a sensitive incision you are trying to protect. With this new nursing pillow, I no longer had to worry about my baby accidentally kicking or hitting my incision, because the pillow was big enough to cover my belly and fluffy enough to absorb any impact from the baby.

I would definitely recommend a Posh n’ Plush pillow for every mother.

They are perfect for plus sizes, feeding twins, and they even help keep the baby at the right level, therefore eliminating the back pain you feel while leaning over with the other pillows. Another plus for the nursing pillow was how it’s soft, plush cover also kept Natalie warm while she was nursing, and was very easy to slip off and throw in the wash if she spit up on it. Although it succeeded in keeping Natalie warm, it would make me rather hot while using it. But before I started using the Posh n’ Plush nursing pillow, I found that I generally got overheated while nursing, and I choose to blame it on hormones, as it no longer overheats me at 4 months postpartum.

Even If you are not a nursing mom this still could be a great purchase for you as it makes giving your baby a bottle so easy. It is nice and comfy for them to lie back while gulping down on a good ole’ bottle of milk.

Our family has found so many additional uses for the Posh n’ Plush pillow, so don’t be concerned about spending a good chunk of money on a pillow that you feel you will only use for a couple of months. Not only was this pillow great for feeding, but it was also great for napping, propping your baby up, assisting them during tummy time and even for propping you up in bed while nursing when you no longer need it to position your little one. I’ve even heard of pregnant mothers using it while sleeping at night! I don’t know about you, but my baby loves napping in my arms, but after a few minutes my arm turns to jello. She is getting so big and so heavy and its only going to continue. If I position the pillow under my arm, it helps support her weight. Once sweet pea started getting bigger we used the pillow in our laps to help her learn to sit up, and we now use it to prop her up on the couch without our assistance. We also use it for assisting her during tummy time. We lay her belly down with her chest on top of the pillow and it is helping her learn to hold herself up.

Overall, I would say that this was one of the greatest purchases I have made, and I would definitely recommend the Posh n’ Plush nursing pillow to any new or nursing mother. If you live in the Lake Charles, Louisiana area this pillow can be purchased at Pink & Blue Avenue, located on Nelson Road. If you don’t live locally but are still dying to give this pillow a try, you can visit and make your selection.

My baby and I enjoying our MAGIC pillow 🙂

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