Affordable Cold Drinks: A Review on the Ozark Trail Tumbler

Living in Louisiana, the days are usually pretty hot. This past summer there were too many days that my car thermostat read over 100 degrees! When you are out and about running errands, there is nothing worse than returning to your car to find that your Sonic drink is no longer cold. I mean that’s the reason we buy the Route 44 sweet tea during Happy Hour right? So that we can sip on it all day… Not so it can melt in the car. Whether we are out and about, or we’re sitting at the ball field all day, we all want the same thing… a cold drink.

So the search began for a magic cup. Everyone had been talking about the Yeti cups and how they can keep your drink cold all day, but at $40 a pop, I couldn’t bring myself to buy a cup that had a high potential of getting lost by me. Then we found out about a $10 tumbler at Walmart and heard that was comparable to the Yeti so we decided to give it a shot. It surpassed all expectations I had for it.


With an unbeatable price, the Ozark Trail tumblers are giving Yeti tumblers a run for their money. This double insulated tumbler can keep your beverage cold for over 12 hours for only $10. That is a ¼ of the price of a Yeti. Based on all of the YouTube comparison videos, the Ozark actually keeps your drink cold for the same amount of time, if not longer than the Yeti. Go figure. So when buying a Yeti you are basically paying for the brand.

Most people (including us) that purchased this cup purchased multiples at a time. It is definitely a must to have on hand, and great for gifts as well. I have always been horrible at drinking water because I never remember to put water bottles in the refrigerator and I am not fond of room temperature water. With the Ozark cup I can fill it up half way with ice and the rest with water and sip on it all day. When its out I just continue to poor water bottles over the ice and I can go an entire day without replacing the ice cubes. Since I’ve gotten the Ozark cup I have gone from drinking little to no water a day to 2 to 3 bottles. I also love that this cup doesn’t sweat and leave rings on the table. This is something every mom should invest in. No more pouring a soda over ice then rocking the baby to sleep, only to return to a watered-down Dr. Pepper that you end up throwing out. With this cup, I can enjoy my cold drink whether I’m doing chores around the house, running errands or just wanting to sip on ice-cold water throughout the night.

The only difference I have found in the two cups is the construction. The seal of the lid is not as tight on the Ozark as it is on the Yeti, and the rubber ring on the Ozark shifts upward sometimes, but it can easily be shifted back in place. It also seems that the sticker on the outside of the tumbler is easier to remove on the Yeti than it is on the Ozark. Other than those things, I believe the two cups are practically the same.

Located at your local Walmart or on, the Ozark Trail tumbler is definitely worth your money! Follow THIS link and purchase yours today!


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