Throw Away Your Unscented Soaps & Visit the Bathhouse Soapery

I never knew that bath time would be something that I enjoyed so much! Or something that I would look forward to for that matter. Looking back, I definitely used to take them for granted because now, I love nights when I can get the baby to sleep and then take a nice warm bath! It is so soothing, especially after a long day. But who likes to take a bath with boring unscented soaps? Not this girl!

If you’re like me, and you have sensitive skin, soaking in a warm bath full of city water can be harsh, and most scented soaps just aggravate your skin. I grew up using well water with a softener, so this city water full of chemicals (seriously.. you can smell the chlorine) is new to me and dries out my skin terribly. I have to make sure that the products that I use in the bath help rejuvenate my skin and not cause me to break out. The products that I have tried from the Bathhouse Soapery do just that. 

The Bathhouse Soapery is quite possibly one of my favorite stores. How did I find it? Well, several years ago, me and my best friend decided to take a spring break road trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas and I discovered this amazing store on the historic bathhouse row! Of course while I was there I stocked up on bath salts, bath scrub, bars of soap, liquid soap, shave soap and much more. Let’s be honest, I spent almost all of my shopping money there. I have always had to be careful with soaps, shaving cream, and lotion. Anything scented or abrasive will usually cause my sensitive skin to break out, but these products don’t. My mission was to find something to shave with that wouldn’t result in awful, itchy, red, razor burn bumps, because we all know how miserable those are. And guess what… I found it! The shave soap from the Bathhouse was not only fragrantly pleasing, but it lathered on smoothly and left my legs feeling soft. My husband also has used the shaving products with success.

What is it about warm baths that is so enjoyable for us moms? It’s not even about warm water any more, or about bubbles, or soap that smells amazing, or even about getting clean. It is all about having 20 minutes of quiet to myself. Bath time for me, is a time to unwind and think clearly, while smelling good. Another favorite product of mine are the bath salts. When I use the sleep (lavender) salts or the melt (eucalyptus) salts from the Bathhouse, I end up getting out of the bath feeling refreshed and ready for bed. 

If you haven’t already you should definitely check out the Bathhouse Soapery products! You’ll love them! And if you are like me and you have never been able to use scented soap without breaking out, this is your shop! Throw away all of your Equate Dry Skin Unscented soaps and stock up on your favorite scents! Shop today at Bathhouse Soapery!

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