I Choose Minimalism Over Materialism!

I am so excited to share with y’all what I hope will soon become a new way of life for me. Today I decided that I am going to pursue a life of intention and minimalism.

No, I’m not going to throw away everything in my house. But I am going to start sorting through all of it and I will get rid of anything that takes away from family time or does not add value to my family.

Think about your days…

Do you feel frustrated often?

Do you snap at your family due to lack of patience?

Do you often get upset with yourself because you feel unhappy, but you don’t know why?

Do you feel the constant mom guilt because you occupy your children with material items just so you can clean the house once again?

Do you long for more time with your children and less time spend on house upkeep?

Are you tired of sacrificing family time JUST to keep up with your home?

If so, You may want to keep reading.

I just learned a fact that I should have known all along. Most women (whether they realize it or not) equate their happiness with the time they spend at their home.

Think about that.

If you rate your happiness based on the time you spend in your home, how happy do you think you’re going to feel if you get home from work or from running errands and your greeted by a mess? No wonder you feel cranky, short, and constantly OVERWHELMED!

On the flip side, how refreshed do you feel when you enter your home and everything is neat and in its place?

Life with a toddler rarely ever results in that second scenario, and I accepted that was how this season of life would be. I mean why wouldn’t I? That’s what everyone tells young moms… and for some that may be true.


Stay with me now…

What if we chose to live a life with less stuff, less clutter, and less crap to pick up? Maybe, just maybe we would have extra energy to spend more quality time with our littles.

I mean come on…

How many times do you move that pile of junk mail out of the way before it actually gets in the trash can?

What about those magazine that you plan on clipping recipes out of. Are you really going to sit down and do that? And if you do, are you actually going to make the recipe?

What about those toys that your kid drags out every day but never plays with? Did you know that kids actually thrive with LESS toys?? Kids are so easily overwhelmed when faced with multiple decisions. This usually results in them being uninterested in choosing a toy, and more interested in getting in trouble! But that’s a story for another day..

If you think about it. There are so many unnecessary things in our house AND WE KEEP BRINGING MORE STUFF HOME!!!

Enter minimalism.

❤️ Life with intention.

❤️ Life with purpose.

❤️ Life with less stuff, less distractions, and more time.

❤️ Life with less material items and more sweet memories.

I’ve decided to give it a go! What do I have to lose? Starting tomorrow, (which happened to be the day our kitchen cabinets are being installed!!!!) I am going to begin determining what items in my house are being used and unused. What items take away from family time or add value to our family.

This will be a long process as I can not realistically clean out my house in a couple of days, and will continue as a lifestyle. But I’m going to get started and sprint towards a life of intention instead of a life of playing catch up and missing the important moments..

Who knew a lot of STUFF could take up so much TIME!

So I am going to try to log my progress on this journey right here in this blog. I’m beyond ready to declutter my house and my life! What about you?

Anyone ready to take the challenge with me? Comment below so we can travel this journey together!

XO, Katherine

One thought on “I Choose Minimalism Over Materialism!

  1. Kirstyn says:

    Since I have been staying home, I have slowly been doing this. It def is a lot easier to keep up with. And it makes your home feel so much better. Good luck sister!!


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