7 Months Already! 

You guysssss that was the fastest month ever! Natalie is already 7 months old today. Time just slow down! This month has been a busy one for her. Here are several things that have developed over the last month, followed by many cute cute pictures 🙂

She has mastered sitting up on her own and she is finally rolling over, on her own terms of course.

She may be a little bit more like her momma than I realized… She is still nursing and loves her baby food! Her favorites right now are apples, bananas and sweet potatoes!

She RUNS not walks but RUNS in her walker. It’s hilarious! She knows how to get it exactly where she wants! And it’s great exercise for her little legs too!

Bath time is still one of her favorite times! She now sits up like a big girl and plays with her toys during her bath!

She is almost crawling! Right now it’s more like a scoot. Her back legs take steps, but she hasn’t figured out how to make her arms move without falling. But at the rate she has learned things this month I’m sure we are just days away from her crawling!

She is a mommas girl. Like literally attached to my hip. Apparently I am not only her source of food, but her favorite toy, and her pacifier! Haha!

She has mastered drinking from her sippy cup and she loves playing with her toys on the floor, as long as momma isn’t too far away!

She loves her books and she also loves to hang out at the farm!

We didn’t have a successful nursery day this month but hopefully then better she gets with being separated from me the better it will get! Fingers crossed.

Her new favorite thing to do is blow raspberries and give mommy kisses!! And did I mention that she jibber jabbers all day long!!!

Puppies are still her favorite! She laugh and laughs at them 🙂

I’m sure that there is so much more that has happened this month, but to be quite honest, we are both sick right now with a stupid virus! Headaches, fever, congestion, achiness, sneezes and coughs. Yuck!!

I love how my little girl can be sick but still be such a happy baby!

Thanks for reading you guys 🙂

Why momma thought feeding carrots in the walker was a good idea… I’ll never know!

Poor baby wasn’t feeling good at all. Passed out on daddy!

Sleeping in daddy’s arms during church.

Enjoying cousin Brady’s band concert.

Had to take a break from the concert to get some grub.

Lovin’ on Aunt Niddy.

Daddy let her drive into the driveway.

She was giving herself kisses in the mirror!!

Daddy was trying to sneak her to work!

Tractor riding with Paw Paw.

She loves the Farm!

Soaking in the sunshine at the farm.

Best friends!

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