Roe Roe Roe Your Clothes: An Insider’s Scoop on LuLaRoe!

Welcome to the world of LuLaRoe! Where leggings are pants, skirts are casual, and a simple cardigan makes you look fabulous! Founded in 2013, LuLaRoe is still semi-new to the market, but it is growing fast!

This company was created not only to develop cute clothing for women, but also to create a way for mothers to be able to help their family achieve financial freedom with out missing out on the lives of their children.

Many years ago, DeAnne, the founder of LuLaRoe was in a tough place as a single mom, with seven children, trying to make ends meet. She began to purchase dresses at wholesale price and sold them using Pop-Up Boutiques, quickly realizing that the concept of a Pop-Up Boutique was a great way to make quick sales. An inspiring quote from her that I love is, “If you want to be someone who gets things done, act like you already are!”

With the help of her family, DeAnne began to create her very own clothing line consisting of skirts, dresses, shirts and the famous butter leggings all named after her family members. LuLaRoe is now a thriving business shipping out over 100,000 items a day to over 70,000 consultants nationwide! I guess you can say it is a dream come true for DeAnne! Not only was DeAnne able to succeed in accomplishing a lifelong dream, but she has also set a foundation for other mothers across the nation to do the same!


LuLaRoe has become a brand that most women are obsessing over! LuLaRoe has clothes from size XXS (00) to 3XL (24/26)! What other brand of clothing has a style for everyone?

You may see women on Facebook showing “How we Roe” and you’re wondering, what is all the fuss about? Believe me I understand, because I was one of the skeptics. I thought it was goofy that women were exchanging their blue jeans for flower print leggings and wearing oversized shirts everywhere they went… until about a month ago. What changed for me? I caved and bought a pair of leggings… When I slid those buttery soft leggings on for the first time, my whole perspective changed. From that moment on, I found myself stalking LuLaRoe pages looking for my next pair to purchase, and now I’m on track to become a consultant myself (but that’s a story for another day).. I love how they make less than 2,500 of each print (scattered across 10+ styles and sizes of clothing), so your clothes are very unique!

Luckily a really good friend of mine, Stephanie, is a consultant! Several months ago, my friends Stephanie and Pam, decided to start their very own LuLaRoe boutique based in Des Moines, Washington. This business not only allows them to dress cute everyday, but it lets them stay at home with their precious babies (while making money) and gives them an opportunity to give back to others!

Here are just a few of the numerous outfits you can make with LuLaRoe!

Perfect T ($36) and Leggings ($25)

This is seriously the ideal outfit for new moms! Why? The leggings are buttery soft and are non-restricting. They make you feel like you aren’t even wearing pants! No need to worry about your post-partum belly, because they help slim your tummy! The Perfect T is PERFECT for discreetly nursing your baby. The material of the Perfect T is stretchy, and the style of the shirt is very flowy, so it acts as an awesome cover for nursing! And the best part is that it makes it extremely easy to dress cute! The days of worrying whether you not you will be nominated for TLC’s What Not To Wear are over! (if they even still make that show!)

Classic T ($35) Jade Leggings ($55)


The Classic T is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. In this outfit we dressed it down by pairing it with LuLaRoe’s Capri work out leggings known as the Jade Leggings. These athletic leggings have a yoga band that makes them comfortable whether you are jogging, doing yoga, or just hitting the gym.

Classic T ($35) Cassie Skirt ($35) Sarah Cardigan($70).


In this outfit we chose to dress up the Classic T. Do you want to look good AND feel comfy for a date? This is the perfect option for you. The Cassie skirt is a form fitted, stretchy skirt that can actually be worn in several different ways (short skirt, long skirt, tube top shirt, rolled up into a scarf, and more!). In this outfit we paired the Cassie with the high-low Classic T that is made of a soft jersey material and then layered it with the comfy sweater knit Sarah Cardigan.

Cassie ($35) Leggings ($25) Joy ($60)


Here is a different look for the Cassie skirt. Throw some leggings underneath it and you can wear it on cool days too! In this outfit we threw on a Joy as well to give it a more layered look. The Joy is a long sweater-like vest that has a long slit down the side to make it easy to move around. It is a perfect addition to an outfit if you want to achieve a layered look.

Julia dress ($45) Joy ($60)


Here is a Julia dress “dressed up” with a Joy! This is my second favorite dress LuLaRoe has to offer…stay tuned for my favorite next! The Julia is a form fitted dress that can be worn as a knee length dress, a short dress or even a shirt! It’s stretchy knitted material allows you to scrunch it up, or smooth it out. I love the Julia’s high neckline because you don’t have to worry about leaning over and exposing yourself. It is very modest, very comfy, and you’ll never want to take it off!

Nicole ($48)

My FAVORITE LuLaRoe dress is the Nicole. This dress is perfect to wear to the office, to church, or just because! I love how the material is stretchy enough for you to stay comfortable all day while still looking stylish. Once you put it on you won’t be able to resist twirling! The material is oh so soft (like all LuLaRoe clothing) and very lightweight! You will definitely want one of these in your wardrobe.

As you can see, with LuLaRoe, the outfit possibilities are endless! Mix and Match all you want! All of these outfits, and more are offered in Pam & Stephanie’s LuLaRoe VIP Boutique and they are more than happy to help you with sizing if you are unsure! The good thing about LuLaRoe is that you can wear a range of sizes to achieve different styles!

So why did Pam & Stephanie start this crazy LuLaRoe Adventure?

One thing that Pam and Stephanie love is that the clothing is handmade in the U.S., and shipped out to be sold by consultants locally. Since you can’t buy LuLaRoe clothing from stores, it provides a way for consultants like Pam and Stephanie to earn a little extra income from the comforts of their home, while supporting other local LuLaRoe Boutiques. Plus they LOVE the comfy fun clothes.

A goal of Pam and Stephanie is to cultivate their community, and LuLaRoe helps make that possible. They love connecting with people while seeing their community flourish. They desired to start a business where they could create a network of women and invite them into a fun, feel good environment. With LuLaRoe Pop-Up Boutiques, they are able to invite women into their homes to play dress up and find the perfect outfit that makes them look and feel confident.

And last but not least, Pam and Stephanie have hearts that want to GIVE BACK. They love to give, and wanted a way to be able to do more. So 10% of all of their profits is goes to charity!

Curious about LuLaRoe?

In love with LuLaRoe?

OBSESSED with LuLaRoe?

Make sure to visit Pam & Stephanie’s shop on Facebook, or if you are local to the Des Moines area connect with them and set up a time to shop their boutique! Also follow them on Instagram!

Have questions?? Ask away! They want to hear from you!

Pictured below is Pam, her husband Aaron and daughters Grace & Ellie on the left, and Stephanie, her husband Daniel and daughter Addisyn on the right.


Pam & Stephanie with their beautiful families!

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