Mommas, We are all alone TOGETHER…

Every mom has hormones racing through her body all through pregnancy. They help our amazing body grow a little human being and they can give us joy as we anticipate our baby’s arrival. We typically see these hormones present in the form of cravings, mood swings, random crying and more... But what happens to your hormones once your baby is here? Not many people talk about it and many people are blind-sighted by it. I know I was. 

Mompreneur: Part-Time Income, Full-Time Life *Guest Post*

You’re the CEO, CFO, on-call therapist, taxi driver, policewoman, personal chef, head cheerleader, doctor, conflict resolution mediator, events coordinator, storyteller, personal assistant, life guard, one-woman-Laundromat, teacher, professional bedtime singer, seamstress, fix-everything-that-your-two-year-old-broke engineer, hairdresser, bodyguard, daycare provider, personal shopper, boo-boo kisser… and everything in between. Phew. Momma, you are super woman. And chances are, you’re probably … Continue reading Mompreneur: Part-Time Income, Full-Time Life *Guest Post*