The Smith’s Birth Story

I met Kimber & Cullen when I took their Maternity photos several weeks ago and I immediately fell in love with them. They are such a sweet couple and their love for each other is completely evident. So when the opportunity arose to take their birth story photos I was ecstatic!

When big day was finally here I dropped the kids off at my mom’s and headed for the hospital. I had packed all of my gear the night before so it was ready to take with me the morning of Kimber’s induction.

The best thing about Kimber and Cullen is their sweet personality. They make you feel like family the second you enter the room with them. Once I got to their room, around 9:30am Kimber was experiencing some pretty intense labor pains. The kind I know from experience that you don’t interrupt. She had been induced earlier that morning and her water had been broken, so contractions were pretty powerful & she was handling them beautifully!

It took several hours of these intense contractions to progress to a point to where an epidural could be given. Once the epidural was in, Kimber was much more comfortable and the atmosphere of the room was much lighter. Cullen’s family spent the day with them in the hospital room and I had such a great time getting to know them.

Poor Kimber was starving! I remember that feeling all too well! Her lovely “labor diet” consisted of ice and popsicles. (Lucky girl! I was never offered popsicles during my labor) I’m pretty sure she had 4 or 5 popsicles and she loved every single one! No judging here, I would have probably had that many or more myself! Cullen was so sweet to fix her hair for her. I don’t know many husbands who would attempt such a thing!

In between repositioning, peanut balls & nurses checking in there was quite a bit of time that I was able to visit with the Smith family. I love taking photos for others, but I think my favorite part of being a photographer is getting to know my clients and their story. I love it when my clients become my friends, and that is what happened with the Smith family. They are such a fun group to be around, even in the midst of a prolonged labor.

Around 6pm the time came for Cullen’s dad & siblings to head back to their hometown to prepare for school finals and work the next day. They were so sad to have to leave before baby boy was born! Kimber was dilated to about a 5 at this point, almost 12 hours in.

Nausea came, her feet continued to swell and about 5 hours later Kimber was completely dilated. Everyone started prepping for delivery and we were all so excited to cheer Kimber on as she delivered her and Cullen’s baby into this world! About an hour later it was finally time to push.

After 18 long hours of labor, the time finally arrived for Kimber to deliver her baby Brees. However around 12:30am Kimber developed a fever and was told that she had 30 minutes to deliver her baby or she would have to have a c-section because of risk of infection. And you better believe she did it! At 12:57am, Wednesday morning Brees Arthur Smith took his first breath and was laid on his mother’s chest. He was absolutely perfect in every way.

Directly after birth his vitals were taken and his temperature was extremely elevated. He was also experiencing some difficulty breathing so he was brought directly to the NICU. Everything happened so fast, but we all knew that he was going to be in great hands.

On Thursday I returned to the hospital to capture some photos of mom and dad as they bonded with their new little bundle. I was able to go into the NICU and spend some more time with them as they fed their baby and bonded over winks and smiles. It was amazing to be apart of. After 5 days in the NICU they were finally able to bring baby Brees home and I can’t wait to see them this weekend for his newborn pictures! Enjoy these photos of this sweet family below and be looking for a new blog next week of his sweet newborn pictures!


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