Better Late Than Never: Natalie’s 6 Month Update 

Wow!!! How time as flown by! I can’t believe our sweet little girl is already 1/2 a year old!!! Yup.. today makes 6 months since we met her for the first time. It’s so hard to believe. 

Staying home with her each day is something that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Seriously, I know I say it all of the time, but we are so blessed that it is even a possibility for us! 

Since our last update a MONTH ago (I know I know.. it’s been crazy busy) Natalie has learned so much. While pregnant, and throughout her first few months everyone would tell me that once your baby starts to develop and learn new things they practically grow up overnight. Man were they right! 

A week or so into her 5th month of life she started sitting up assisted, picking up everything and observing EVERYTHING! Since then she has grown so much. Of course, Mickey Mouse is still her favorite show, but she also has a few found love for The Price Is Right! … momma’s little girl! 

While she still loves to nurse (fairly often) She is now moving on to bigger and better things… baby food!!! Her menu now consist of green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, apples and peaches! Although pears and apples are her absolute favorites!! 

Funny story actually… the first food we introduced (besides cereal) was green beans. Why?!? Who knows.. it seemed like a great idea at first. I mean everyone recommended to start with greens (veggies) and then to sweets (fruits). Well we took that literally and chose a green food. Poor baby, after two meals of green beans she got constapated! Of course she did.. beans?!? Really Katherine…Worst part about it was that we were out of town visiting Paw Paw and Grandma Nell, which isn’t near many stores. So after a couple calls to my mom, our doctor back home, a few searches on google, and some Karo syrup we finally got a dirty diaper!! Well a couple of them.. needless to say we stuck to momma’s milk for the remainder of the trip! 

Another milestone she is close to is sitting up!! She is sooooo close to sitting unassisted! Actually she does very well, I just stay close because she has a tendency to launch herself backwards… good thing she got her hard head from me AND her daddy!! 

This child is obsessed with cups! Not only does she love her sippy cup, but she is always reaching for our cups as well! Speaking of reaching… she reaches for Everything!! 

Bath time is literally the highlight of her night. She has started sitting up in the tub like a big girl and she loves playing with her bath toys. Her sponge toy is her favorite one to chew on. I bet it feels good on her gums. 

Teething is kicking her booty! We have had many sleepless nights this month as a result of teething! We tried out a teething anklet around 3 months, but I stopped using it around 4.5 months because I didn’t feel like it was doing anything.. boy was I wrong! I started using it again about 2 weeks ago and she still gets fussy sometimes but not near as bad! (I’ll have a review coming soon on them!) 

All in all we have had yet another amazing month with our beautiful daughter! The pictures below will speak for themselves! 

4 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never: Natalie’s 6 Month Update 

  1. Honest Mommy says:

    She’s beautiful!! They do grow up so fast, I feel like my daughter was 5 months not too long ago but she’s 14 months old, walking and following me everywhere. The only thing we can do is enjoy every little second even those sleepless nights. Great post!

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